10 December 2008

owlright! whenever i dont post stuff on my blog, its not because i dont work but because i work too much.
i almost finished 100 illustrations for a german car-manufacturer. i can only post them in spring. but it was a lot of fun and hell of a work. my wrist is making noises now.
i also finished a new MUMPELMONSTER. you can download the pdf at our website. here is the cover of the booklett:

also, i did a few illustrations for MUSIKEXPRESS. thanks a lot to arndt there. its always a pleasure talking about life and kids at one in the morning. here is a fotobooth-shot of the last illu about marianne faithful:

the other thing in the foto is me.
oh. and we have a new office: schlesische strasse 12 in berlin-kreuzberg. together with a few architects and my bff (best-friend-forever. yes, i learned that at southpark.) luis.
and if you happen to be in bristol this week, go to this exhibition: STEAL FROM WORK. my soul will be there. on canvas.

and, yes mom, i did an interview for the german magazin "DER SPIEGEL" and the use one whole sentece for the text! yeah!