09 February 2010

juhuu! i finally got the video to the hans unstern concert where i did live-visuals. non-digital-live-visuals!
here is how it worked: i had a table in the back of the concerthall and the band was playing on a stage with a huge cinema-like screen between band and audience. my drawing was liverecorded and beamed on the screen. so when the band had the stage-lights on, the audience could see them but if it was dark, my drawings would be on the screen and the band unseeable. here is a quick sketch for better understanding (i forgot to draw the audience... i was by far not the only person there :-) )

i had gigantic fun (although i was a little sick that night...) and i got my first real applause when hans said "...and on the drawing-pens: roland bruuuuuueckner!"

i hope to do live-visuals soon again.

here is the video where you can see what the camera recorded:

Hans Unstern - Paris Live | Roland Brueckner - LiveVisuals from hans unstern on Vimeo.