01 December 2010

i will just copy the text from alex gellner´s website. he can write like a tintenfischgodess and asked me to do about 90% of the backgrounds for the video posted above.

"SDP‘s first new video is out. Featured rapper Sido is said to be an aspiring hiphop artist from the Merkwürdische Viertel (Berlin, Germany). The music scene right now is contemplating if the alignment with SDP superband could mean a carreer breakthrough for Sido, the self proclaimed Superintelligent Drogenopfa. Some frames I dig:

I am very happy with how the video turned out. As always, it is very funny, very low budget, with many inside jokes and puns and whistles. SDP fans love looking for little side jokes and SDP-trivia . I love to place them in the video and read in the comments when a fan finds another one. I enjoy working on a project were you can put almost anything in and be pretty sure that the band likes it. Because they are stupid I think.

I had help with the animation by Christian Retzlaff, HFF-animation-alumnus and animator for real film like the Illusionist. He animated mainly the dance scenes and wondered how he got suckered into such a low profile undertaking. Steven Bagatzky painted the first screen. He as well is an outstanding illustrator and sadly was too busy to help more at the time. Roland Brückner drew all the other backgrounds. Roland is such a good artist. He is a famous street artist and Mumpelmoster-creator but most importantly, he totally is lacking the artiste’s ego, which makes it easy for me to impose my will and exploit the poor fella. Niklas Kröger helped out with the compositing. He is the drummer of a very trendy and up-and-coming Band which more than qualifies him for this job. Also, he is very good on the eyes. Everybody said, or thought at least, that it was a pleasure to work under such an accomplished yet humble director such as myself.

The video was finished mid-july but had to wait for its release since the band was crafting the new album with quality standards made of iron made of pain and awesome. “Kontrastprogramm” (release date 10.12.2010) is going to be an instant classic. I am really hyped about this!

The single comes out next week 03.12.2010.